About us


     Since 1990, when Grace Bible Church was established, it has been our passion to faithfully fulfill the Great Commission Christ gave in Matt. 28:19-20 & Acts 1:8, which is meant for all who come to salvation through Christ alone.


     The task of faithfully participating in the work Christ has called us to do, has several
important elements. First, there is the element of “go therefore." This is a clear command to reach out to the lost through evangelism and missions.  Secondly, we are told to “make disciples.”  This involves a proclamation of the gospel to the lost and continuous preparation of the
believer through the faithful instruction from the Word of God. ( Eph.4:11-16 )  Thirdly, we are commanded to “baptize them.”  This allows all who are truly saved to enter a deepening level of commitment to Christ. The goal in all this is to allow the faithful Word of God to grow

Grace Bible Church spiritually and in His will numerically.
     As a local church, we understand that in order for God to bless our efforts, several important views must be in place in our thinking as a body. There must be a high view of God in all of His glory, as reviewed to us in scripture.  With this in mind, there must also be a high view of God’s Word as the only inspired, inerrant authority in every aspect of our life; individually and as a church. (II Tim.3:16-17 ; Col 1:18 )
      As you continue to browse our web sight, we hope you will discover that all of the above
is at the core of what we do as a body at Grace Bible Church. It is our passion to glorify God in the proclamation of His Word, in evangelism, in discipleship, and in all He leads us to do for the work of His Kingdom.

     Please feel free to visit us, and discover the beauty and bounty of God's grace.
     In His service & for His glory,
     Pastor Donald Niles

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